Open Enrollment:

  • Curbside laundry service starts at $15 per service: (prepaid)
  • Service consists of one (1) bag*, picked up, wash, dry, fold and delivered within 24 hrs.*
  • Color separation available, $5.00 for extra load, over loads additional $5.00

(*24hrs.) Pickup by 12pm, delivered on or about 24hrs.
(*) A single Bag* is (22”x28”, 12Lbs max. one (1) regular load)

Club Privileges:

  • Secure three (3) laundry services and receive 25% off on your 3rd service (Savings of $3.75)
  • Secure six (6) laundry services and receive 50% off on your 6th service (Savings of $7.50)
  • Secure nine (9) laundry services and receive 75% off on your 9th service(Savings of $11.25)
  • Secure twelve (12) laundry services and get the 12th FREE!!

Dry Cleaning or Cotton Press:

All garments @ $2.95 per item with a $10/per bag* pickup & delivered
(*) A single Bag* is (22”x28”)

Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction is our first priority. In fact, we treat your laundry as if it were our own, however we still need to agree to some rules to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about Azalea Coin Laundry LLC (referred to as, “Azalea Laundry Service”, “Azalea Laundry Club” or “Laundry Club”) are part of. By using Azalea Laundry Service you acknowledge and accept the following Terms and Conditions.

Suitability for Laundering

By using Azalea Laundry Service, you agree that your clothes are suitable to be washed in water, on a normal cycle, and dried using heat in a tumble dryer. We cannot be responsible for any damage to clothing that is not suitable for this standard laundering process.

Damaged Laundry

Azalea Laundry Service will do everything we can to avoid damaging your laundry. Unfortunately there are limitations to what we can do. For example, Azalea Laundry Service doesn’t have time to check your pockets to see if you have left anything in them. Therefore, Azalea Laundry Service can’t be held responsible if something left in your laundry (like lipstick, chewing gum, or a pen) causes any damage. Similarly, if you call and tell us that you left your favorite bracelet, or anything else, in your pocket, we can’t guarantee that we will find or return it. What goes down the drain is gone forever; if we find it we will return it. Loose change will be given to a nonprofit of our choosing annually. All laundering processes, regardless of how gentle, cause normal wear and tear on clothing. As a result, Azalea Laundry Service cannot be responsible for any wear and tear of laundry, including loss of buttons, fading, fatiguing, holes, or abrasions. Similarly, Azalea Laundry Service reserves the right to decline cleaning any particular piece of laundry if we think it will lead to trouble. Cleaning and drying laundry also creates other risks. Azalea Laundry Service can’t individually examine every garment prior to placing it in the laundry. Therefore, if something is “dry-clean only,” or otherwise unsuitable for common washing and drying techniques, please do not include it in the laundry you give to us. Along the same lines, Azalea Laundry Service can’t be held responsible for the re-disposition of colors (aka bleeding) or dimensional changes (aka shrinking or stretching). Azalea Laundry Service will do their best to get them fresh and clean every load but let’s face it we all have made a few mistakes but Azalea Laundry Service will always work it out with you.

Lost Laundry

Azalea Laundry Service would love to be able to inventory every piece of laundry you give us. Unfortunately, it is cost-prohibitive for us to do so. As a result Azalea Laundry Service can’t be held responsible for any lost laundry; we simply have no efficient way of verifying that we actually received any particular piece of laundry.Rest assured though, we carefully track your clothes. For instance, we tag all our bundles with your name, and your clothes are never loose in our facility unless they’re inside a machine, on the folding table or in their own laundry cart waiting to be folded. If you do believe you are missing something from your delivery, please notify us within 24 hours of receiving your clean clothes – we are much more likely to find misplaced laundry if it is reported early.

Scheduling and Payment

If you no longer want our service, simply let us know and we will cancel it. Although we truly hope you are satisfied with our services, once we have laundered your clothes, we cannot offer a refund. Of course we don’t anticipate having any problems with customers refusing to pay an appropriate surcharge, but just in case, we reserve the right to hold your laundry until we are paid in full.

Minimum Fee

If you schedule us to come to pick-up your laundry, we have a minimum charge per pick-up of$15.00. Remember, you’re free to cancel any appointment at any time, so if you don’t have any laundry for us to wash on a particular week, please be sure to notify us before your appointment time so we don’t come to your address.

Pick-up and Delivery Scheduling

Azalea Laundry Service provides pick-up and delivery service. We will do our best to pick-up your laundry at the agreed upon time. We know that we won’t have very many customers if we are late. That being said, we can’t be held accountable if we are late for unforeseen circumstances. Your order will be delivered ASAP. If you miss a pick-up or delivery, we will coordinate an alternate time as soon as possible. Life happens!

Unattended Pick-up and Delivery

If you request that we leave your laundry unattended (e.g., on your porch, in a hallway, or in your foyer) or with a third party (e.g., with a doorman or a neighbor), we are not responsible for your laundry before we have picked it up or after we have dropped it off. You also agree that our records of pick-up and drop-off times are true and accurate.


We use “ALL” Free and Clear detergent for all our personal laundry customers. However, we do offer to use a specific soap or softener if you are willing to provide it.

Thank you for your Business from:
Azalea Coin Laundry, LLC 943 72nd Street N. St. Petersburg FL 33710 – 727-222-0088 –